Thursday, March 14, 2013


Approx 9:45 am

In rounds this morning, the docs told us that while the fluid around Luke's heart is improving, the fluid around his right lung is getting worse, even with increased diuretics. Also, the numbers indicating kidney function (Creatanin and BUN) are also declining. This morning they will be putting in a small drainage tube to drain off the fluid. This is a bedside procedure and shouldn't be painful with the local anesthetic and sedation they will use.
Additionally, Luke is still not sleeping for much more than an about an hour at a time. Usually not longer than 30 minutes. Doctors say it's probably a combination of just being in the ICU and the side effects of some of the drugs they're giving him. We're going to try Melatonin tonight to see if we can help him sleep better. Nobody has said the word "home" yet, so we're not sure how much longer we'll be here. We're all more than a little sleep deprived and appreciate your prayers that God will sustain us and give us endurance.


Approx 1:45 pm

They are putting in the new drainage tube and trying to get a PICC line right afterward. the procedure is bedside, but we cant be in there. Probably 45-hour before we can go back and see him.


Approx 4:45 pm

Luke's new drainage tube is in. They also placed a PICC line for IV meds and blood draws and took out his Central Line (less risk for infection). Luke's already drained over 100cc of fluid from around his lungs, which should help him breathe better, feel better, sat better and require less oxygen. He has a hard time getting out from under the sedation drugs, but he's feeling better now. We're about to go on our second wagon ride of the day. 
Thank you for your continued prayers.

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