Sunday, March 10, 2013


We had some scary moments last night--saw some screaming and crying and some o2 sats in the 30%s and a pretty blue baby. Luke wouldn't cough, so the RT finally had to suction him through his nose, which wasn't painful, but very scary to him and hard for mom to watch. Since then, his sats have been better (mid 70%s), but his heart rate is still elevated in the 140s. Thank you to all of you who were up praying for us last night and to those of you praying now. God is good all the time, and we definitely received his love and comfort. 

Approx 3:30 pm
Luke is doing better this afternoon. He got his last chest drainage tube out this morning before I left. He is still requiring a lot of help to breathe: still on nitric oxide and 100% oxygen. His heart rate is still high at 130, but his o2 sats are better at 85-90%. David got him up out of bed for awhile holding him in the chair, and he even stood up for a minute. Dr. Kao thinks his lower sats are probably due to not getting enough blood to his pulmonary arteries because they are so small. We'll do an echo tomorrow to find out more. In the meantime, we thank you for your prayers that Luke's sats and heart rate will improve, and that infection stays far away from this room.

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