Saturday, March 23, 2013


Luke's breathing turned labored, rapid, and shallow yesterday evening. We're at the hospital now about to get a chest Xray to see if there's anymore fluid building up over his heart and lungs. Praying we can get this resolved quickly and easily.


Looks like Luke has a fluid volume issue. We had to do another blood draw and Xray to determine the best course of action. We may have to admit him later to give him some IV fluids (albumin) or we may have to put him back on Lasix (diuretic). For now we're taking Luke home and waiting for Dr. Kao to call us with blood work results.


Heard back from Dr. Kao. She's putting Luke back on oral lasix (not admitting him to the hospital, yay!). Luke's pulmonologist also prescribed him some prednisone to help him breathe better. We'll work on his problems at home through the weekend, and have more labs done on Monday.

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