Friday, April 26, 2013


Monday, April 22, 2013


Luke's lab results came back as "Beautiful!" No plans for repeating labs at this time! We'll see Dr. Kao again in three weeks. Luke was a trooper getting his blood drawn today, and he's been walking all over the place. We even spent 45 min at the park on the way home. Oh, and his rash from yesterday is almost completely gone. So thankful we're continuing in the right direction.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Taking Luke up to Med City again this morning for labs. First attempt to get him up was met with crying and desatting. :( I'm so tired of torturing this kid.


I feel like a terrible mom: I told Luke when we got out of the car at Medical City that we were going to get an "ouch" (needle stick), but then we would go straight home and ride the tricycle. I was trying to prepare him so he wouldn't be so scared, but it made his anxiety way worse the whole time we were getting the order and checking in to the hospital. Then after it was over on the way home, he kept saying "No ouch!" and I told him, "No more ouches today! You're all done!"
Then we get all the way back home and are riding the tricycle when I get a call from Dr. Kao's office saying that something was wrong with the specimen, so we need to go back up and do a repeat. I'm just so tired of hurting him. I'm so emotional right now!


Back from trip #2 to Medical City. Luke's BUN is headed in the right direction, but still very high (80 when 30s is acceptable). We're keeping him off of diuretics and repeating labs at the end of the week.


After almost three whole days off of diuretics, Luke's looking just a little puffy, but he's been having really good diapers. Keeping our fingers crossed, we haven't had any emergencies or big concerns so far this weekend. We pray that this continues and that his BUN and other numbers look much closer to normal on Monday.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Dr. Kao called back with Luke's latest lab results. She didn't give me the exact numbers, but she said things are not worse, but they are not better either. :( Soooo... We're holding all diuretics for the weekend and repeating labs again Monday. Just praying Luke doesn't start retaining fluid again so that we have a mess of a different kind on our hands again.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Labs today showed Luke's BUN is 110. We were not allowed to go home from the hospital when it was still in the 70s, so I know 110 is sky-high. Dr. Kao is letting Luke stay home while we figure this out. We're decreasing diuretics and repeating Labs Thursday. Luke is starting to get anxious now when we even go in the room. He's normally so brave, so him throwing fits over getting his EKG and blood pressure is really tough. I wanted to take him to the arboretum to play on this gorgeous day afterward to brighten his mood, but he just didn't have the energy. He was crying for his bed by the time we got to Forney. I'm so over heart surgery recovery. I just want my little boy back. :(