Sunday, March 10, 2013

Post-Op Day 3/Saturday

Got to hold my brave baby boy.

Luke is doing fine today. We got one of his chest drainage tubes out this morning, which he got through with barely a flinch (so brave!). We're almost up to full, continuous feeds. We've gone down on diuretic. We had some trouble maintaining his o2 sats, but we were finally able to wean him of of the nitric oxide. He's still on 100% oxygen. Sats have been high 70%s most of the day. We got him out of bed and in my (ever decreasing) lap for about an hour. Tomorrow we will attempt helping him to walk around a bit. I know that he is going to hate that, so please pray that he will be brave and have minimal pain while we do this....and that we don't pull it any tubes by mistake!


We're having some trouble tonight with Luke's o2 sats. Ranging from 60-75%. They put him back on the nitric, but it doesn't seem to be helping him much. I'm certainly not the doctor, but Low sats and a high heart rate (130s - 140s) make me suspect an infection might be brewing.

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