Saturday, March 16, 2013


David told me that he and Luke had a pretty rough night. Not a lot of sleeping, and some de-satting into the 60%s and 50%s. Now ranging in the low 70%s-low 80%s. So far quite unimpressed with the care on the inpatient floor. The nurses, Lord bless them, seem bewildered about his sats and his cardiac status in general. Anxious to get his x-ray and have it read. I think the nurse practitioner from CHSU rounds down here, so maybe we can talk to her and see if we need to move back to the unit. I can't take this baby home with sats in the low 70%s.


Feeling much better after talking to the nurse practitioner from the CHSU. She told us that sats between 70% and 80% with occasional desats into the 60%s when he's mad are perfectly acceptable. Luke has been satting high 70%s to mid 80%s the last few hours. His x-ray and labs looks great. She said we are certainly welcome to stay in the hospital another night, but she feels confident sending him home today. We feel he will rest and recover much better at home where maybe he can get some solid sleep. We will check in with Dr. Kao when she rounds sometime today (hopefully sooner rather than later), then we should be headed home. So relieved, but still somewhat anxious. I really don't want to get him home and then have to turn around and bring him back. We still really need your prayers for the days ahead.


From David:

We are definitely staying here in the hospital for at least another day. Cardiology wants to make sure his fluids/labs are all in good balance and they want to see another chest x-ray in the morning. Hopefully we will have a good night tonight and get to go home in the morning.


Just saw Dr. Kao. She said that Luke's BUN is a little high and potassium is a little low. She thinks he's a little dehydrated. We will stay another night and redraw labs in the morning after holding his Lasix and giving him a little more fluid for the rest of the day. I'm not looking forward to another night on the floor, but we definitely DO NOT want to take him home and then have his electrolytes to get out of whack. We need to get his fluid levels in balance. So, another day...maybe home Sunday.


Luke finally drops off, so I get to lay down on this unbelievably uncomfortable pull-out hospital couch, then the baby starts moving. I guess I'd better get used to one kid or the other keeping me awake!

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