Saturday, March 23, 2013


Four or five snatches of sleep at home are better than no sleep at the hospital, even though it wasn't a great night. Luke desatted a couple of times during the night and his breathing was still ragged, but I think it's improving slowly. Luke is sleeping a few hours at a time and his periods of wakefulness are getting shorter for the most part. It was our first night of recovery without a nurse, and I'd say we did pretty well. I will look forward to our nursing returning Monday night though!


Luke is so much closer to his regular self today. We've seen lots of smiles, and he's spent more time playing on the floor than laying on the couch. He was even up for family pictures this afternoon. Praying for a restful night with easy breathing. We're planning on taking him to church tomorrow. Hopefully the Lasix and Prednisone do the trick. His breathing seems to be better, but I'm still anxious for labs on Monday.

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