Monday, March 11, 2013


The sedatives we have been trying to help Luke sleep the last couple of nights have not been working. Luke is sleeping for 15 min- 1hour long stretches usually, with 1 1/2 hours being the longest we've seen him sleep since Wednesday. Mamma and Daddy are very tired too. Please pray that Luke can get some solid rest so that great healing can take place!


Just heard a couple of new ones from Luke after his echo just now: "I want night night please." Then I few minutes later: "I want sleep please." Melt your heart. My poor sweet heart hero is so sleep deprived on top of everything else!


Sleeping sideways in the bed. Nitric oxide is off! Nobody tell Luke. Heart rate and respiration rate are still high, but o2 sats are still high 80%s.


From David:

Luke's heart-rate is climbing and his breathing is labored. Not really sure what that's about, but he just fell asleep, so hopefully he'll calm down and have a quiet night. His sats are good and his bp is good, so he may just need to get more fluid off of his heart. He's been a little bit more himself today and even drank some water and took a (1) step when we got him out of bed. We are still a ways from home, but maybe we're making progress.

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