Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Heart rate has been in the 120s (only raising to the 160s when he gets REALLY mad, then back down again) for 50 hours now. We are hearing rumors about extabation (taking him off the ventilator) tomorrow. What are we going to do with two good days in a row?? Just sing praises.


  1. Praise God for good days!! We are continuing to pray fervently for complete healing for Luke!! We have also added yall to our church prayer list so there are lots of people praying for yall here in Colorado!!

  2. this is awsome!!! PTL!!!

  3. T A and I been praying for Little Luke since he was born. We are Clarissa's mother's parents. We have so many greatgrandchildren and each one is precious to us. May God hold you in his arms. Love, T A and Gene Hayhurst

  4. Rachel,

    I'm Barbara and Charles Norris' youngest daughter, Tracie..........I have been keeping up with Luke and all of the things you guys have been going through!

    I have to tell you.....after reading the last couple of days on the blog, I think I had a "mini-worship" here at home!!!! It gives me chills to see how powerful and awesome our God is. I've always thought that he was.....but, like others..........When you see it first just does something to you! It renews your hope and gives you strength.

    I prayed that God would use whatever procedure he saw fit to slow down that precious baby's heartrate. I said "God you can reach out of heaven and touch his heart........please do something to help this precious baby".

    Rachel....God hears. I don't know, like you, what will come of all of this. But, what I do know is this.........if there is a doctor or nurse anywhere in that hospital that is on Luke's case and they weren't a believer..........they are probably re-thinking the situation now!!!!!

    God will be shown to all through baby Luke.........know that, Rachel and rest in that. Hang in there little mommy! My tears are from one mom to another........only God could give a mother peace and comfort at a time like this. Lean on him everyday Rachel. This all goes for David too :)

    God bless you both and sweet baby Luke! You will remain in my prayers. You guys give me faith........we all need a "charge" every now and then in this hectic world.

    In HIS name,
    Tracie Williams


  5. Yippee Skippee! Way to go Luke! Way to go God! One more step closer to going home. Hugs, Howard & Jacki

  6. I have just sat here and read most of this blog for the last hour and a half. I have to say this is one of the most moving stories ever. I hope and will be praying that your little boy will have a complete recovery because GOD IS GOOD!!! I cannot imagine what you and you husband and extended family are going through and my heart goes out to you. I look forward to reading about the next great step Luke is taking in going home. God bless you and be with you through all of the trails before you.