Sunday, July 19, 2009


They started giving him 1 mL an hour of Pedialite. Pray that he can digest it everyone! We need that little panza to work!


  1. We are praying!!! Love Mark and Jana

  2. Have been reading this blog for about a week, now. Prayers go up on your families behalf in this household. It is now at the point where we look forward to watching his progress as God shows you how powerful he is. Slow, but sure. We live in a world where problems are solved in 30 minutes on TV and it is hard to sit and wait. You are both doing a marvelous job of being living testimony to God's goodness through this blog.

  3. Dear and most awesome God...we ask that you touch the little stomach of Luke and he recieve his nourishment through this Pedialite and rehydration.
    We ask that You be his health and life and comfort and healing at this time...until Luke can give you praise with his little words down the way.
    Thank you for all you are going to do,give and be in Luke and his family's life.
    We praise your name Father...Amen and Amen

    From San Antonio Prayer Warrior