Friday, July 17, 2009


They tried extabating Luke today, but the doc said that he just isn't ready - he can't sustain the oxygen level he needs breathing on his own yet. So they re-intabated him to give him a chance to get stronger. We're disappointed, but still very glad that his heart continues to beat a normal rate and rhythm.

*sorry I posted this a day late*


  1. Praise God that his heartbeats are still under control. God truly is faithful to yours (and our prayers). I must tell you I have never prayed so long and so hard for anything/anyone as I have for your sweet boy. He is a true testament to God's faithfulness.

    Just remember, God suffered as he watched his son go through some hard times, so he knows what you are going through. He will not leave you. I believe He is holding Luke in the palm of His hand and is wrapping His arms around you through this incredibly tough time.

  2. We're thanking God for a continued lower heart rate! Always praying...