Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Luke seems to be doing a little better. Heart rate is still elevated, but I think he reached a peak and is trending downward now. We are told after such an extensive surgery, his body is having to work quite hard to recover. Today will likely be his most difficult. Right now he's maintaining o2 sats that are acceptable with a little bit of oxygen supplementation (30% where 21% is room air). Heart rate seems to be relaxing now. The powers that be really want to put Luke in the regular PICU (not the heart unit) because they need more room for other heart kiddos here. The plan is to move him sometime tomorrow morning. I'm okay with that now, especially since Luke will have one more night in the CV-ICU and he seems to be getting better little by little instead of worse. About to get a visit from Rebecca 'Cawyer' Taylor and my parents. Things are looking up.

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