Thursday, August 30, 2012

Luke is doing well today. They are weaning him probably completely off of one of his sedation meds. His ventilator is giving him minimal support - breathing room air and he's initiating all of his own breaths. The Attending spoke with David about the risky nature of tomorrow morning's planned extubation trial. Luke is positive for Rino Virus (he has a cold), so there is a risk that we could have more lung issues tomorrow. Even riskier though is keeping him intubated while the virus has run it's course (two weeks or so) and essentially having him lay around waiting for another infection. So we're kind of in a catch 22. We're terrified, but really trying to wait upon the LORD and put our trust in him and in the skill of our Attending. Thank you for your prayers for safety tomorrow for Luke's lungs, profusion, heart, and brain, and prayers for David Chisholm and me as we surrender to God's sovereignty and mercy

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