Monday, August 27, 2012

Keep Praying

Luke is more stable now. We just had another de-sat episode, but not nearly as bad this time (dipped to lower 60%s). The chest x-ray they just took was much better than the last and shows the right lung to be recruiting a little bit. The arterial line they got earlier quit working, and they just got another one, so having central access is a big plus. Luke's sats are staying in the 70%s, but h
e is maxed out on support - extra oxygen and nitric oxide (a gas lighter than oxygen, so it can get in the lungs places that o2 can't). We are doing all kinds of breathing medications, chest physiotherapy, and epinepherine. So the next thing is to pray and wait and let our God again show his mighty power and redeeming love. The Chisholms are back in long-term ICU mode again, and it doesn't feel very good. We thank you for your continued prayers.

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