Thursday, August 23, 2012

Luke is doing pretty well so far today. We just got settled into our new room in the PICU. I am very impressed with the attending physician. The room and the people are different, but so far the level of care seems to be the same. Luke has some haziness around his lungs on the x-ray, which is likely just some fluid buildup due to surgery, but they will be taking cultures to get a jump on any infection that might be brewing. Luke's heart rate is still elevated from his home baseline. They've currently got him on 50% oxygen (21% is room air) because of a rough desat before I got here this morning. His o2 sats are mid 80s. I think we've both accepted the elevated heart rate and need for oxygen for now. The plan is to let him rest and make sure he's properly sedated underneath being paralyzed. We will not be having a bronchoscopy today. The plan is to take him to the OR and extubate Monday. Please, everyone pray that infection STAYS OUT OF THIS ROOM. More later!

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