Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yay Baby! Yay God!

Originally posted February 18, 2009

David and I are thrilled to be telling all of you the following news. First, please continue to pray for our baby. We still have a long way to go, but God is hearing and answering our prayers every day.

We visited the fetal cardiologist this morning. The baby was in a great position for the sonogram, so that step took a lot less time than it normally does. After the sonogram and the doctor looked at the pictures, she met with us. She came in the room grinning and shaking her head: "He is just doing so well! He's just doing great!" These are words we've so longed to hear. God and his strength in our baby is already blowing all of the professionals involved with us out of the water. You might remember that at some of our first visits, the fluid around his heart (hydropse) was of major concern. He needs to be monitored frequently because if the fluid increases, it would squash his heart and send him into cardiac failure. The fluid is just not increasing. The baby continues to have a strong heartbeat and continues to grow and track pretty well in spite of the severe leakage in his heart valve.
Dr. Kao (the cardiologist) spent most of the time with us today making a plan for the baby's birth. (That in itself is just tremendous!) She has referred us to a new OB who I will see in the next week or so. I will deliver at Medical City Hospital in Dallas with this new OB doc. Dr. Kao and the neonatologist there will take a look at the baby as soon as he's born. The plan is that Dr. Kao will then put him on a medication called Prolaxin (sp?). This medication is designed to increase the blood flow to his lungs so it can receive oxygen. Then we wait and see how he does on the medication. This could take anywhere from 1-4 weeks (during which he will stay in the hospital--we will not take him home yet) If he does not respond well, we will look at surgical options to repair his heart. If he does respond well and begins receiving oxygenated blood, then there's a possibility that he will just remain on the medication and avoid surgery all together.
Another bit of good news is that Dr. Kao believes that since the baby is showing no signs of distress whatsoever, I will be able to carry him to full term, or close to it. It's also looking like I'll get to deliver him naturally instead of have a C-section birth, which is fantastic for lots of reasons - I'll get to hold him right away, and the recovery time should be shorter.
So, all in all, today's doctor's visit was about as good as anybody could have hoped. Regardless of how the day went, we have a good God--a God who listens and cares about where we are. We bless His Name through the good or the bad, but it sure is easier right at this moment when things look so hopeful.
Please continue to pray for our baby and his mommy and daddy. We have lots of doctors' visits left, and a long road left to travel in this journey. We could not do it without knowing we have the emotional and prayer support of all of our friends and loved ones. Thank you for praying.

We love you,

Rachael and David

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