Saturday, June 20, 2009

Update on little man

Originally posted March 5, 2009

Just wanted to update you all on how our baby is doing and how our pregnancy is progressing.
We had two doctor's appointments this week - one with my new OB and one with the maternal fetal specialist. M/F specialist did a sonogram to check the baby out. Really, there's nothing new to report. The baby continues to grow (yay Baby!). He is a whopping 2 1/4 pounds now. He's tracking about a week behind where he should be, which is not bad at all. The doc said that it's still too early to tell how his lungs are shaping out - and thus too early to worry about how they're doing. Focusing on the positive, there's still not any fluid around his heart, and he's not showing signs of distress yet. Dr. Rosnes' plan is to get him to 34 weeks and then re-evaluate how he's doing. Obviously the longer he can stay in the womb, the better because baby boys tend to have lung problems if they are delivered early. But if he's still not distressing at 34, we'll see how close to term we can get him. Dr. Rosnes is still cautious though, as if the Baby could take a turn for the worse any day, so we will continue to see a specialist, either Dr. Rosnes or the fetal cardiologist every week for a sonogram.
We met with Dr. Napier, my new OB yesterday. It was pretty much a meeting to get to know one another--we asked each other a lot of questions. I was happy to find out that she will not deliver the Baby by C-section unless he's breech or we get started in delivery and he is not responding well to labor. She said that unless the Baby gets into distress earlier, she will induce me at about 39 weeks. That way our "team of medical professionals" who are trying to keep me healthy and the baby alive can all plan to be there and we're not scrambling to call everyone together when my water breaks at 3 in the morning.
I know that was a long note for not much news, but thank you for reading it. Most especially, thank you for praying. I know that your prayers are the reason why we are all doing so well. I know that because of your prayers God has guided us to the exact right doctors, nurses, and surgeons that need to be caring for us to give the Baby the best chance of survival.

Love and Blessings,
Rachael & David

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