Saturday, June 20, 2009

Want to take a ride on the emotional roller coaster anyone??

Originally posted May 7, 2009

Well, we had our last appointment with our maternal fetal specialist on Tuesday. Little Luke's sonogram looked pretty good - he was making breathing movements, heart is still very large, but beating, etc. When the tech did the calculations to weigh him, however, that's when we started worrying. In 3 weeks, our baby has only gained 10 oz. From 4 lb 5 oz to 4 lb 15 oz. We're still under 5 lbs. We had to wait a few minutes while she plugged the numbers into the computer, but then the tech announced that he has fallen under the 5th percentile of weight for this point of gestation. We asked to see Dr. Rosnes who came in and made the decision to that it's "time to bail." He'll grow better if we can get him born and fix his heart. He told us he would call my OB and try to arrange for us to deliver the first thing Wednesday morning. He told us to go home and wait for Dr. Napier (OB) to call.
Well, we conveniently had to wait in Dallas to pick up our friend John from the airport. I say conveniently because we didn't know if we would need to go to the hospital for the night in order to start the induction in the morning. After about an hour, I got tired of waiting and called Dr. Napier's office. She wasn't there, so I talked to her nurse who told me that Dr. Napier had received Dr. Rosnes' message, but she was in surgery all day and wouldn't have an answer for me till tomorrow. So we picked up John and headed home. Later that afternoon, we received a voice mail from Dr. Napier saying that she had scheduled us for induction first thing Thursday morning. Although I was admittedly a little disappointed that they had chosen our wedding anniversary for the induction date, David and I started preparing for it. We had an extra day to mow the lawn, get food for the kitties, clean the house, etc. We also got to hang out with friends one last time before the big day. My parents made flight arrangements, and David's parents planned to drive down yesterday morning.
I had an OB appointment yesterday morning, and I went to ask her some final questions. Everything was a go, and so I left the doctor's office emotional but prepared to have a baby the next morning. On the drive home I received a call from Dr. Napier's office who told me that our coordinator had discovered that our heart surgeon Dr. Medeloff was leaving town and would not be back until Monday. We need that guy. So consequently, our team of medical professionals deemed it necessary to push the induction back until Monday when everybody can be there for Luke's arrival. Called my parents - "Don't get on a plane!" Called David's parents - "I know you're halfway here, but turn around. Come back Sunday." Called the minister who was covering for David Sunday morning - "I know you've worked 3 hours on a sermon for Sunday, but never mind." It was a little bit like turning the Titanic around. I'm glad nobody told Luke to go ahead and get started. It's a little bit harder to push a baby back in.
So, the up to date plans are that I will be admitted to the hospital on Sunday evening at 5:00. They will put me on monitors and give me something nice to help me get a good night's sleep. (Hallelujah!) Then they will start inducing me at 8:00 Monday morning the 11th. Not our anniversary. Not Mother's Day. And to David's slight disappointment, not Cinco di Mayo. Our parents and David's siblings are all planning on arriving Sunday afternoon.
So we are gearing up for "B" day, which is a little like D-day on Monday morning. I'm a little relieved that I get to go into the hospital the night before, get used to my surroundings and get mentally prepared for the task ahead. They are going to start by inducing me, but Dr. Napier told me that very small babies sometimes have a difficult time tolerating labor, so C-section is still a very real possibility. One positive is the answer I got when I asked Dr. Rosnes if they would whisk Luke away immediately after the cord was cut, or if I would get to hold him for a few minutes. The answer was yes, I would probably get to hold him for just a few minutes before they took him to NICU to begin treating him. That makes me happy.
So, pray for us on Monday as we bring Little Luke into the world. We thank you for your prayers and encouragement up to this point. We love you all.

Rachael & David

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