Tuesday, May 10, 2011


{approx 9:45 pm}

The last half of today has been rough. Lost an IV. Copious secretions that the nursing staff will not let us suction. It is so frustrating to be perfectly capable of caring for his trach with our hands tied by the nursing staff so we have to beg them to come suction him every 5 minutes +. Got some more morphine on board, so hopefully we can all rest a little tonight.


Luke is doing better today. He was awake for awhile this morning. He's still in pain, but he keeps signing "more! more!" when we read to him. I even got to see a little smile today. They took his foley out this morning, he's off of oxygen, and the doc just said they're going to take him off the vent now. He's had a full feeding and tolerated it well. Thanks for your prayers!

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