Monday, May 9, 2011


{approx 2 pm}

Luke's out of surgery. He's getting situated in his ICU room, haven't seen him yet. Doc says he did great, did what he set out to do, is hopeful about recovery time being 4-5 days.

{approx 12 pm}

Luke is still doing well. We expect him to be out of surgery in a half hour or so.


{approx 11 am}

Doc just finished getting the cartilage graft. Now he's going into the airway. Luke's doing well so far.

{approx 8 am-ish}

IV lines are in. Doc started the cartilage graft. Luke's doing well so far

{approx 8 am}

They just took Luke back to the OR. We should get an update every hour or so throughout this four hour long surgery.

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