Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, April 9th

Approx 8:30 pm
Home now. First steroid breathing treatment through the nose and mouth took both David and me plus the iPad, but was a success. Luke got out of surgery at 4:00 and started wearing his cap again by 6:00, fastest that's happened to date . hope is sneaking in that he'll be sleeping with the cap by tomorrow . we'll see ...
Approx 4:45 pm
Just talked to the doctor. Luke is out of surgery and we're waiting for him to wake up. Took an hour to get an IV. Doc cut out granulation and floppy tissue. Gave us a good prognosis. Doc still thinks Luke will be decanulated this year some time.
Approx 2:30 pm
They just took him back to theOR. It's been awhile since they let him have any fluids, so we're hoping that getting an IV won't be a problem. Shouldn't be a long procedure once they get an IV line.
Approx 12:30 pm
We're still in pre op . There's still one kid ahead of Luke . Waiting on the Lord .
Approx 9:30 am
Headed to the hospital soon. Although it means getting home later, it's nice to sit and drink my coffee at home on a surgery day for a change. We'll keep everyone updated as the day goes on. Pray that we can remove a bunch of tissue (to make breathing easier for Luke) and for the steroids to keep the regrowth away.

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