Monday, August 29, 2011


Approx 2:10 pm
Luke's resting fairly easily now. No vent or fiO2. Got IV tylenol and morphine on board. Sats, hr, and respiration are good. Cranky when he wakes up every once in awhile. Otherwise we're just hanging out. Thanks for your prayers.
Approx 12:40 pm
Luke's having a little more trouble than usual coming out of anesthesia. He was on a vent when we got back to see him but he's off now. Having a bit of trouble breathing and with pain, though managing with morphine and tylenol. Settling in to the ICU for a sleepover.
Approx 12:30 pm
Done. Luke did great. Doc didn't need to dilate the airway. Still some floppiness. We'll be in the ICU probably overnight.
Approx 10:30 am
Just took Luke back to the OR. Should be about an hour til he's done. Also met up with @Keri tonn and met their sweet family for the first time in the surgery waiting room. Balm for the soul.
Approx 9:30 am
In Pre Op, waiting to see the doc before they take Luke back

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