Monday, June 6, 2011


{approx 7:30 pm}

Waiting on a last dose of IV steroids at 8:00 before we can get home. Then, we'll all be sleeping in our own beds, praise God!

{approx 3 pm}

Luke is awake and doing well. Cries every time he coughs because his throat hurts. Poor guy. :( Plan is to go home this evening around 6 or 7 if we don't encounter any problems between here and there.

{approx 11 am}

Luke's out of surgery. Did great. Sats and heart rate are acceptable. Doc removed granulation tissue. Probably staying overnight.

{approx 9 am}

They took Luke back to the OR at 9:00. Should be about an hour and a half. He'll recover in the cardiac ICU. Don't know if we'll stay overnight or not.

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  1. keeping you in our prayers!

    Love Mark and Jana