Thursday, June 17, 2010


Luke is scheduled for his three-night vent weaning at Our Children's House at Baylor starting Monday. We are thrilled to finally be getting rid of that hunk of metal, but dreading returning to Baylor - however short the stay. Please pray that all goes smoothly, that we keep our sanity through this week, and that Luke doesn't take any steps backward from using his speaking valve while we're there.


Guess who wore his speaking valve from before he woke up this morning, all the way through Physical Therapy, all the way through Speech Therapy, AND ate a whole cup of cereal? Yup. It was Luke! Hard work is paying off!

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  1. If you ever get to meet Miss Patty (the best speech pathologist in the world) at Our Children's House please tell her hello from the Marcelain's. Jack still has the gift she gave him hanging in his room.