Thursday, December 24, 2009

Luke's Next Surgery

So we went to the cardiologist today and talked about Luke's next surgery. He's going to get a heart cath sometime in January to do extensive measurements on the pressures and sizes of all the stuff in his heart, then we will hopefully do his Glen surgery (the second of his three planned surgeries) at the end of January/first of February. The problem he has is that his pulmonary arteries haven't grown like we hoped they would, and so there is a possibility that they won't be able to do the surgery. If that happens they will go in and replace the shunt he has with a bigger shunt, and hopefully do the Glen surgery later after his pulmonary arteries grow more. His shunt connects his heart to his lungs, and he's outgrowing it, so they have to do something. The problem with putting in a bigger shunt is that it may not result in his arteries getting bigger, and then they still might not be able to do the Glen surgery.

So, we need everyone to pray that his arteries grow nicely, and that when they do the cath in January everything will look good for an easy surgery (as easy as open heart surgery on an infant can be).

Rachael and I are anxious and worried, but we pray that this bump in the road won't turn into a mountain like our last time spent in the hospital.

Thanks for your prayers,



  1. We continue to pray. We got your precious phone message while we were in Montana, so did not call back. After a bit of an adventure, we arrived home this morning (not last night as we spent the night in Dallas...airport issues!!) So we will get a call to you soon. Love all of you tons! Mark and Jana

  2. Yall keep fighting and I'll keep praying.