Thursday, October 29, 2009


wishes someone in this world would be competent enough to get a blood draw from Luke instead of sticking him 3 times with zero results. A - G - O - N - Y


  1. Won't happen unfortunately until he is a little older, the nurses will stick both arms searching...his veins are still so small and hard to get. Sucks for mom and baby boy. My son also was in the NICU and has to get lots of sticks to this day...but for the first year was tough for the nurses/mom/baby...gosh I would leave mad...we always went to Methodist "Hospital" too to get them, and still tough. It is terrible (Ya think hosptial nurses would be good at it, experienced...forget the doctor office! OH GOD!!!! Don't even try there!!!). And the other bad part is when he gets older and understand what is going on he will SEE needles and start screaming cause he will know what is son is funny though cause he knows it is coming, cries, but the SECOND it is over says "I stop crying now, it is over." Very cute. Anyways, won't get better. The doc office nurses are really bad...hospitals are better to get the blood drawn, we don't even go to the doc office anymore to get the blood drawn or any tests run, BUT as he grows his veins will get larger so it will get easier...BUT then his anxiety will kick in...which is even harder on YOU! At least when they are babies they don't know what is coming. ya know? We have gone to that Stone Oak Hospital off of Madison Oak a few times and those gals are good. By the way, my son is 2 and about 10 months. He gets BOTOX in his arm and left leg. He is weak on the left side of his body so we have to get BOTOX injections every 3 months. Helps his weaker muscles get stronger, pretty amazing stuff. Good luck, stay strong...and don't get too mad at those nurses! hee:) I know it is hard!!

  2. You should insist on the J Tip, an instantanious numbing shot free application. You can google it and get the scoop. I even made a blog post about it, so you might run across my blog if you look it up. With Jack we used emla cream, which is also great, however it takes 45 minutes to work. We always planned ahead. Jack never felt a stick outside of Abilene, that was why he hated being cared for in any way here. Dallas Children's only uses the jtip now, it is hospital wide. You can get that, or emla by prescription. I thought pain was part of medical treatments until Jack went to Dallas Children's and they taught me that it wasn't the case at all.