Monday, August 10, 2009


Doc changed the trach for us the first time; we'll do it next week. The change went very smoothly. Luke's done beautifully all day. He's spent quite a lot of time awake today and was happy about it. Luke finally remembered today what he's supposed to do with his pacifier, (progress!), AND I got to hold him for about an hour and a half! It felt soooo good.


  1. Before long you will be holding Luke in your house all day long and enjoying every moment. Praising God for your sweet family.

  2. So glad that things went well with the first change out. You will do great, because mommies and daddies just do when they have to. The cuddling will happen more and more and I pray that God gives you many more happy days in the future.

  3. My heart is going out to you. Your story is alot like ours. I don't know if David remembers me, I worked at Mardel with him one summer in Edmond. My son, Ben, had a trach put in emergently in the delivery room the hour he was born. We have a blog too. I know how scary it all seems right now. Please contact me. I would love to help. When Ben had his trach I WISHED we knew someone going through the same thing. Going to the Hospital Home after he's recovered is EXCELLENT help. I'm praying for Luke.
    Adrienne Gatewood